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WDS P.A.T Testing

From March 2020 we are proud to offer a new service to all past, present and future clients.

In preparation for returning to a working environment we have had some of our staff train and qualify as Portable Appliance Testers, This means that when we can return to entertaining our many clients all our own equipment is tested and serviceable meaning we can get back to work straight away.

This also means we can offer this as a Third Party Service to fellow suppliers, venues, private clients, landlords, estate agents and the likes.

What is P.A.T & Why do we need it?

Portable Appliance Testing P.A.T for short is the testing of any portable devices that can be unplugged and be physically moved. P.A.T is  a requirement for us in many venues and also a requirement by our business insurer to ensure our equipment is of sound working order and not likely to electrocute any persons or ultimately not burn down buildings through electrical fault. If we arrive at a venue and didn't have certification for the relevant testing we could be refused access and ultimately it could leave any event without a DJ - This is why it's important to us, It's also important to a lot of other businesses and we are now proud to offer this service.

What we will do?

We will initially provide a quote, agree a fee, Date, time and location to carry out the testing, we can come to you or you can bring the equipment to us.

We will attend at the agreed time and introduce ourselves

We will ascertain the layout out of the areas the work is required and establish your local procedures

We will carry out a Visual Inspection of all necessary equipment, We will then use one of our PBV500 testers to test all leads, extensions & necessary equipment, as we do this we will create a log providing each item with it's own unique number. As we test each item we will either place a pass or fail sticker on the necessary parts. Upon completion we will notify you of any issues, equipment that has passed and failed and removed from service. Upon receipt of Payment for our services we will provide a certificate of P.A.T and also a breakdown of all equipment tested, it's location & Pass or Fail Findings.


We will come to you

First 20 items will cost £2.50 per item

20 - 50 additional items £1.50 per item

Got More? drop us an Email - for a Quote

LANDLORD TESTING - All items in your Private Lets & Offices Tested for £60.00* Subject to distance

Should you wish a personalised quote or wish to discuss your requirements in more details, please contact Nick on 07928 58 46 68 or


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